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About Esk Valley News Quarterly



Esk Valley News Quarterly, a community magazine for the North York Moors, Whitby Coastal District and Cleveland, presents new writing and stories connected to life in the area. It aims to inform, inspire and strengthen our local communities, promote culture and participation in the arts, and support environmental improvements for the benefit of all.


All sectors of the community are encouraged to engage in this project. 

Editors Nicola Chalton and Pascal Thivillon explain where the idea for the Quarterly magazine came from …


“Twelve years ago we took on a local monthly magazine covering Esk Valley villages near Whitby. The non-profit magazine continued as a much-loved feature of the community … until Covid lockdowns made it clear that our monthly round-up of local news and events couldn’t keep pace with the instant culture of social media. It was time to change.


The new quarterly publication has in-depth, full-colour articles, and the content is refreshingly long-lasting, presented in a collectable format that looks more like a book – something to keep and savour.”


'Delighted to get a copy of the lovely @EskValleyNews in the post. Terrific publication’

Dave Harte, Associate Professor in Journalism and Media Studies, Birmingham City University, author of Hyperlocal Journalism (

‘May I take this opportunity to say that I for one love your quarterly publication. I love the format; I love the themes that you present; I love the contributions; I love that it exists and that we have access to such a quality, intelligent and cultured publication here in the Esk Valley.’

Andrea Brew, 18 Sept 2023

'I should say again what a wonderful job you do, how valuable your efforts are to the local community . . . Meanwhile keep working as hard as ever to keep the EVN in the forefront of Yorkshire’s local magazines.’

Bernie Eccleston, 19 Apr 2023


'Please allow me to congratulate on a superb publication – It is a great publication and obviously takes a tremendous amount of your time’ 

David Whitlock, 1 Mar 2023


'Lots of things in here from Fhithich and from me. It's a really great edition on moorland folklore’

Martyn Hudson Watts, 14 Feb 2023

'The lovely winter edition of Esk Valley News is now available to buy from Book Corner! I'm very proud to have an article included in this issue. I've written about the bookshop and my debut novel 'The Moon and Stars', and I've also recommended some of my favourite books about folk tales and the local area’

Jenna Warren, Book Corner, Saltburn, 14 Feb 2023 

'I ordered this book, it arrived...Very Nice Book. Thank you’

Ossy Stomp Marlies, 14 Feb 2023


‘Loads of stuff I didn’t know’

Ann Devlin, 14 Feb 2023


'This issue has really gone down a storm! Well done to all involved’

Zoe, The Dispensary, Whitby, 14 Feb 2023

'A fascinating read & excellently produced! We have some in store & I couldn’t recommend enough!’

The Dispensary, Whitby, 12 Feb 2023


'An unexpected delight. Esk Valley News Quarterly. I picked up this lovely well produced book from The Whitby Bookshop as a guide to local folklore and tradition. At home we discovered Whitby Krampus Run has been included with a very fine illustrated feature and links !!! We had no idea about this ! It’s a really good book with lots of information and only £5’

Elaine Edmunds, 8 Feb 2023


'Congratulations on another splendid issue of Esk Valley News: it’s packed with great material’

John Roberts, 7 Feb, 2023


'What a great edition of Esk Valley News, so many interesting stories and wonderful photographs’

C.M. Vassie, author of The Whitby Trap 


'Wow, what an issue. So full of inspiring articles!’

Lydia Gill, 21 Jan 2023


‘An excellent publication, very professional. I wish you well’

Mick Garratt, 21 Jan 2023


‘It must have been an enormous amount of hard work! I can see that. But it honestly feels like it can be used for years to come as a point of reference for all things NYM's folklore and tradition. It's a great resource! Well done’

Rosie Barrett, Ryedale Folk Museum, 20 Jan 2023 

‘Wow! That edition looks absolutely fantastic and packed with fascinating pieces. I'm sure it will sell out quickly!’

Chris Firth, 20 Jan 2023


‘Wow, it is absolutely marvellous. So many thanks. I will re-read many times’

Frank Thompson, 20 Jan 2023


'A great read – you have put so much work into this!’

Martyn Hudson, 19 Jan 2023

‘I must confess that I imagined this magazine would be some amateurish free pamphlet put together with the main aim of advertising local trades and suppliers. How wrong was I! I was presented with a very professionally produced journal stretching to a whopping 165 pages. It is a quarterly publication, and this edition was a “folklore, witchcraft and tradition” special, absolutely jam-packed with contributions from local writers and experts.’

Sarah Walker, Countryman’s Daughter,

Darlington & Stockton Times, 10 Mar 2023


'We wanted to say how much we love the "Folklore, Witchcraft, Traditions" edition. We're going through it slowly and have even visited a couple of places mentioned. It sold so fast…’

Becky Ciesielski, Nettle Cottage Prints, 6 Mar 2023

'Wow what an issue! It's really impressive, we are lucky to you you both in the valley! Warm wishes'

Eddie Thornton, 14 Oct 2022


'Greetings! I stayed up late having a look at "Working Lives", I couldn't stop looking. Late night! It is a wonderful picture of life in the North York Moors and a privilege to be part of it’

Vivian Griffiths, 12 Oct 2022


'What a treat to read your new issue 'Working Lives’ – full to the brim – so colourful. Well done !!!!’

Frank Thompson, 12 Oct 2022


'It’s amazing, what a fantastic edition!’

Helen Searle, 12 Oct 2022


'I'm delighted to see the final article in print and feel very humbled to be included. What a huge amount of work on your behalf - the result though, is stunning! Wishing you huge success as ever, Many thanks’

Jacqui Beaumont, 13 Oct 2022


'I've just read through the "Working Lives" edition of Valley News and much enjoyed it – such a lot of material, and great variety!’

Janet Cochrane, North Yorkshire Moors Association, 24 Oct 2022


'Just a brief message to say it’s another super edition of Esk Valley News. The range of excellent contributors you got for this one is remarkable: congratulations!’

John Roberts, 27 Oct 2022

‘An outstanding issue’

Adrian Leaman, North Yorkshire Moors Association, 17 Oct 2022


'The magazine looks absolutely brilliant and very interesting. Just had a scan through on my phone. Thank you so much for including me in it, I'm absolutely honoured'

Kathryn Atkinson, 14 Oct 2022


'What a lovely edition! I've really enjoyed reading it this week’

Rosie Barrett, Ryedale Folk Museum, 14 Oct 2022

‘I downloaded your recent magazine, it's great and really detailed. I'm still reading my way through it’

Jake ESK, 31 Jul 2022


'Very interesting new magazine’

David Whitlock, 21 Jul 2022


'Just got a chance to look at the new quarterly magazine online... What an achievement! You should be very proud of what you have managed to bring together here. And who knows where it will lead…’

Mark Barber, 14 Jul 2022


'What a great publication! I've only read half of it, but found it so interesting and informative’

Sue Rowland, 11 Jul 2022

'The magazine is as interesting and vibrant as ever, and I wish you well with the new way of working. I think you are making a wise decision over this – things are so different these days, and your way forward I think is very positive under these circumstances’

Andrew Dyer, 30 Mar 2022


'A brave decision to move seasonally – the magazine is so much appreciated – but a wonderful opportunity!

Vivian Griffiths, 3 Mar 2022


'A lovely read – Valley News is full to the BRIM ... I think a quarterly is a good idea and I wish you well… Wow, to infinity and beyond’

Frank Thompson, 3 Mar 2022

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