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Follow the Flow

Spring 2024


Highlights in this issue:

  • Wild swimming in icy waters of the North Sea.

  • Electric baths and brine treatments in Victorian Saltburn.

  • Learning to swim in the River Esk in the 1950s.

  • Guided walks beside rivers, reservoirs and along the coast.

  • Where does our drinking water actually come from?

  • How are we protecting our rivers from pollution and checking their health?

  • The enduring enigma of the Sledge Shoe House reservoir at Blakey Ridge.

  •  Balderhead Reservoir, created when flower-rich meadows were flooded.

  •  Water-powered mills at Scaling, Roxby, Handale, Loftus and Kilton.

  • The water ‘stolen’ from Esk Valley millers to service Howl Beck corn mill.

  • The sea as a barrier between people and places: Hannah Hobson, gaoled for rioting against the press gang in Whitby in 1793, then sentenced to transportation to Australia for a life of servitude.

  • Rituals to protect from danger reflecting real fears of communities vulnerable to loss of life from the furies of the sea.

  • Memories of fishing communities in Scarborough and Staithes.

  • The multi generations of one Staithes family who, over 140 years, have crewed the Staithes and Runswick lifeboats.

  • River health and nature recovery are key concerns of the Community Earth Project, just launched at Danby.

  • An inspiring visit to a wetlands nature recovery site in Great Fryup Dale.

  • Water, rivers and the sea inspiring poetry, art, music and creative writing.

  • What if we try to express our lives in terms of the features of a river? Have you followed the flow or sometimes fought against it?


Follow the Flow

132 pages | full colour

£ 5 (shops) |

£ 8 (inc. p&p) | £ 3 (digital)

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