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Dusk Till Dawn

Winter 2024


Highlights in this issue:

  • A possible sighting of the Beast of Danby!

  • Nightjars at Givendale; bachelor bats around Glaisdale’s church rooms; barn owls in East Cleveland; mysterious creatures roaming Arncliffe Woods.

  • Tricks of the light, sunshine and shadow, some of these from Frank Meadow Sutcliffe’s collection at Whitby Museum.

  • Nacreous clouds and light displays during the sunset on Christmas Eve.

  • Midnight Corner, a light-challenged landscape near Ingleby Incline.

  • The lacemakers’ candle stool at Ryedale Folk Museum.

  • The harmful effects of artificial light on humans and wildlife.

  • Night-time activities: a game of Merrills and a séance to summon the spirit world.

  • Fairy rings on Fairy Cross Plain at Fryup under the light of a full moon.

  • From darkness into light: attempts to educate working adults in nineteenth-century Grosmont; a progressive Village College movement at Botton village; a school on a World War I submarine base at the mouth of the River Tees.

  • A project to help education in Southern Zambia, with valuable links made between Zambia and Esk Valley schools.

  • Fundraising for Glaisdale Head Chapel’s new dawn.

  • ‘Let there be Jazz!’ Now’s the time to have your say on the diversity of music in Whitby.

  • Whitby cult band ‘Rudolf Rocker’ with an album steeped in storytelling and mystery.

  • ‘Brigg Fair’, a folk song collected by Percy Grainger then orchestrated by Frederick Delius.

  • Sleep and sleep-writing creative guide; the new Loftus Library; a new drama project ‘What the Sea Saw’ calling for volunteers.

  • Two chilling tales to wrap up an issue filled with intrigue.


Dusk Till Dawn

136 pages | full colour

£ 5 (shops) |

£ 8 (inc. p&p) | £ 3 (digital)

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