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Bon Appétit! Everything Food & Drink

Autumn 2023


Highlights in this issue:

  • Daniel Marosif’s weekly trail round the local food and drink establishments.

  • Maggie Rich investigates ‘What’s so special about local food’.

  • Spotlight on hospitality and community at Goathland’s Homestead, The Great Fryup Dale Cafe, The Egton Supper Club, Vi’s Community Cafe Grosmont.

  • Lealholm’s 100th Show – dedication to community and local food production.

  •  Mick Garratt investigates the long history of the Lion Inn, Blakey Ridge.

  • Adrian Hopley’s song ‘The Corkman’ reimagines the tragic legend of the pedlar on his way to Rosedale.

  • Local dishes including Teesside’s Chicken Parmo, Granny Bun’s Ginger Biscuits, Parkin for Bonfire Night, and recipes from fascinating old cookbooks discovered by Anne Press, the Ryedale Folk Museum and Whitby Museum.

  • Foraging for food with the Thompson family in Glaisdale, during the War.

  • Foraging tours today with Gaynor and Alan Ayres.

  • Memories shared by Sylvie Woolley of nettle gathering at Mulgrave Castle.

  • Graham Featherstone’s fungi foray.

  • Lobsters, mainstay of Whitby’s fishing today, and the ’Silver Darlings’ and Herring Girls of the past.

  • Emanuel Bowen’s historical map revealing North East coastal trade in 1750.

  • Chris Corbett on the historic Black Path along the South Bank of the Tees.

  • Vivian Griffiths traces artisan food production in Botton’s Camphill community from the 1950s – cheese and bread-making to biodynamic seed growing.

  • Alastair Laurence discovers local venison – a medieval luxury dish.

  • Abysmal condition of the UK’s wildlife recorded in the 2023 State of Nature Report presents urgent priorities for nature recovery in the area.

  • Lydia Gill’s creative writing prompts to help you ‘make a meal out of your writing’.

  • The new 3-Minute Arts writing competition and the winning story from the previous competition.

  • Short stories by Delphine Gale and Helen Searle.

  • ‘The machinery of life’, a scientific tour de force by Noel Baumber.

  • The Fringe Dark Skies Festival, seasonal theatre, concerts and Christmas fairs.

Bon Appétit!
Everything Food & Drink

152 pages | full colour

£ 5 (shops) |

£ 8 (inc. p&p) | £ 3 (digital)

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