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by Nicola J. Chalton

The Prolonged Persecution
of North York Moors ‘Witches’


A journey of discovery inspired by a song

Uncovering the Secrets of ‘Blackamoor’


Fear of witches and belief in magic was still rife in mid-nineteenth-century village communities of the North York Moors. This investigation strips away witch stereotypes to reveal real people practising witchcraft, their motivations and the roots of their skills and knowledge. It uncovers an unsettling persecution of women branded as ‘witches’ perpetrated by local communities living in fear, and supports re-education to stop witch-hunts happening around the world today.


The Prolonged Persecution

of North York Moors ‘Witches’

28 pages | full colour

£ 7 (inc. p&p) | £ 3 (digital)

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